Funny bumperstickers
and some political stickers too.
but the political stickers are funny.
okay there are a lot of political stickers

wife ass

yeah it's got a hemi

wide ass turns

boinking and skiing

that far up my ass

till it hz

check you out

cheney eats kittens

bush has the one ring

aliens suck
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bush a-hole

my podcast beat up your blog

ride the wave

dont mess with texas or alaska

bring your country democracy

my own bush

made toys not war

gas grass or ass

my car is a piece of crap

my country invaded iraq and all i got was this expensive gas

drunk drivers for bush cheney
I love to fart

there's no place like home

screw my car, I'm the one who climbed mount washington

dont you wish your girlfriend could knit like me

i used up all my sick days so i called in dead

vaginamite: concentrated pussy extract
my other car is a pos too

republicans for voldemort

stupidity isnt a handicap park somewhere else

im the of an, what


abstinence makes the church grow fondlers

dear world: sorry

annoy a republican think for yourself

such a nice day dont f*ck it up

bumper sticker

people kill to show people killing is wrong

leave no billionaire behind

obama is that popular

id kill for a nobel peace prize

stop mad cowboy disease

who would jesus torture

the bush legacy, leave no child a dime

Relax, God is in control

war is terrorism

lesbians for bush

oh well i wasnt using my civil liberties anywho

emperor penguin


out of money experience

get the draft dodgers out of the white house and off fox news

my kid is an honor student and my president is an idiot


Bush Destroyed America
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office of strategic influence