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Yemen SEAL raid yielded no significant intelligence, say officials (
No evidence that protesters are paid to disrupt Republican town hall meetings (
Trump's proposed AmeriCorps cuts would trim .03 percent of the federal budget but slash support at 11,000 schools (
What Trump's travel ban ignores: Radicalized U.S. citizens pose the greatest threat (
Who is Nils Bildt? Turns out Fox News 'Swedish advisor' is a guy from Virginia with a criminal conviction. (
Trump's Top Energy Aid: Former Koch Lobbyist, Peddled Climate Denial for Decades (
Ohio bill outlawing marital rape gets no GOP support, again. (
Perez wins bid to lead Democratic Party. Keith Ellison was just appointed deputy chair. I am REALLY glad Perez did this. I wanted Ellison and while he lost a close one he will be heavily involved in the dnc working at this position, and he doesn't have to step down as a member of Congress. It's about as much of a win-win as it gets. (
Because its coming up in the replies a lot, no Obama did not ban (or try to ban) Fox News from the White House. The Treasury Department (not the White House), failed to include Fox News on a list of networks requesting an interview with Kenneth Feinberg in 2009, because Fox News didn't request an interview. (
Trump fans were waving tiny Russian flags until CPAC staff confiscated them (

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