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Strategic Social Initiative
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These Are the Ads Russia Bought on Facebook in 2016 (
Trump is handing out government positions to his golf club members (
The top 0.1% of American households hold the same amount of wealth as the bottom 90% (
'I want to quit': Fox News employees say their network's Russia coverage was 'an embarrassment' (
Russia organized 2 sides of a Texas protest and encouraged 'both sides to battle in the streets' (
"I worked for Paul Manafort. He always lacked a moral compass." Details of the blood Paul Manafort has on his hands (
Facebook accounts run by Russian trolls repeatedly called for violence against different social and political groups in the U.S., including police officers, Black Lives Matter activists and undocumented immigrants. (
Russians Targeted U.S. Racial Divisions Long Before 2016 And Black Lives Matter (
Due to Trump's refusal to make costsharing reduction payments for 2018 and Congress's inaction to appropriate funds, many states are seeing a 34% rate increase in premiums (
It's not just Trump, it's the whole GOP that calls 'fake things true and true things fake' (

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Strategic Social Initiative is designed to raise a spotlight on important media stories, as well as act as a reference guide for anyone trying to find links that back up their claims. For example, if you want to show that Obama cut America's taxes to the lowest level in 50 years, just search for "tax"

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