It is a matter of fact, not opinion, that areas with higher minimum wage experience faster job growth. Higher minimum wage does not cause inflation in any meaningful amount, and it decreases taxpayer spending on food stamps.

Demand for labor increase

We live in a consumer-based economy. Businesses do better when consumers have more to spend. Demand for labor increases.

  • States That Raised Their Minimum Wages Are Experiencing Faster Job Growth source

  • Business and the Minimum Wage: studies and the experience of businesses themselves show that what companies lose when they pay more is often offset by lower turnover, increased productivity, and more income source

  • "Those who argue that increases in the minimum wage will lead to large numbers of layoffs have a problem: They're consistently wrong. Job losses from moderate increases in the minimum wage have repeatedly been shown to range from zero to 'small,'" source

  • States with higher minimum wage gain more jobs source

Raising the minimum wage does not lead to inflation

  • Every 10% increase in the minimum wage results in about a 0.7% increase in prices. source

  • Forcing Walmart to raise their minimum wage would make a box of macaroni and cheese cost one cent more source

  • A $10.10 Minimum Wage Would Make A DVD At Walmart Cost One Cent More source

Raising the minimum wage grows the economy and creates more jobs

  • If minimum wage were raised to $10.10, the U.S. economy would grow by about $22 billion. The growth in the U.S. economy would result in about 85,000 new jobs source

  • Australia Has $16 Minimum Wage and is the Only Rich Country to Dodge the Global Recession source

  • San Francisco's highest-in-the-nation minimum wage has not increase unemployment, like skeptics thought it would source

Raising the minimum wage cuts taxpayer costs and gets people off food stamps

  • Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would cut federal government outlays on food stamps by $4.6 billion per yea source

  • Raising the Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Cut Taxpayer Costs in Every State source

  • 52% of fast-food workers rely on government assistance, at a cost of 3.8 billion to tax payers. Raising minimum wage could end this tax payer burden source

Debunking the "why stop at $10.10? Why not go to $100 and hour" argument

  • Being excessive, rather than measured, usually has consequences. Let's explain this by analogy: Wine has antioxidants and is good for protecting your arteries. But drinking 10 times the recommended limit might cause death.

  • Exposure to the sun is important for vitamin D. However, prolonged exposure causes cancer.

  • Raising the speed limit to 55 can be good for efficiency and flow. But raising the speed limit to 120 can cause an elevated risk of death and injury

Rep. Keith Ellison

#1010means 1 million veterans will see a pay increase. Let's thank our soldiers for their service and #RaiseTheWage

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#1010means a stronger bottom line for America's businesses.