Terms and Conditions

"Make America less litigious again!"

In the past, I've used this database to communicate with users. This is the full list of my communications from 2008 until now:

I have never rented nor sold this database. However, we live in a litigious society, and as such, if you don't feel comfortable sharing information, DON'T. I don't want to project negativity, but you must assume I am definitely selling your information and definitely renting it out; you have to assume you've opted in to further communications. If that makes you uncomfortable, then DON'T submit a sticker request. Never previously renting or selling this database should NOT be considered evidence of future behavior.

I don't have any responsibility with what you do with this sticker. After it leaves my hands, it's up to you and your God to decide what to do with it. If you don't use it, I highly recommend giving it to someone who will use it, but that's just a recommendation. I have no idea how you may do something criminal with this sticker, but I've found that the internet is a ridiculously creative place, especially when it comes to doing bad things, so if you do something criminal, I'm not responsible.

You are the only recipient of this sticker. If someone contacts me asking why they received a sticker, I'll explain it, and give them all information regarding who requested it--IP address and all.

I've always deleted "unsubscribe" requests forever

You must be over 18 to request and receive these stickers. If you some how trick me into sending them and you're under 18, you bear the responsibility of receiving them.

And finally, there is NO guarantee that I'll send a sticker. Sometimes I run out of money, get tired, run out of stickers, or a host of other reasons that prevents me from sending stickers. Long periods of time may pass without a sticker being sent.

Too long, didn't read: By requesting this sticker, you agree not to sue me for any reason. If you don't agree to this, don't request a sticker. It's that simple. I mean, really, if you're reading this, then don't request a sticker.